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HELIOS are systems for shear cutting known for over 30 years. During that time the company has distributed over 100 thousand knife mounts which means that knife mounts produced by Helios are of high quality due to their production capacity and long durability. Stress should also be put on the durability of bed knife. 

The innovations of the HELIOS systems implemented over the many years of activity have caused that the wear and tear of knives and bed knives have been dramatically reduced in favour of increased output due to short idle time of machines. Today HELIOS means not only knife mounts but also cutting modules for new slicers and all machines that have cutting problems.

The HELIOS cutting systems can be used with traditional machines and non-standard machines with automatic format change; here our experience has been expanded mostly due to the experience of those companies where cutting problems occurred.

The long experience has helped to solve problems which seemed at a first glance impossible to solve. HELIOS cutting systems and modules can be applied to all types of flexible materials: non-woven, tissue, paper, foil, glass fibre, fabric, aluminium and others.

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